Sustainable energy in South Africa is gradually becoming a fundamental concern in many sectors. This is identified through countless efforts of promoting eco-friendly products and services. With the current power shortages and tariff increases, it is essential for any household or establishment to have an alternative power supply. If you are looking for a reputable alternative power supplier then Avec Solaire is the answer. We specialise in the provision of solar solutions for the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors in South Africa.
Our renewable energy solutions include:

Grid-Tied Solar Power
Grid-tied solar electric systems use solar panels to generate electricity for your home or business and feed the excess power into the electric utility where possible. We do a complete free of charge power and financial analysis and make recommendations based on your needs. Each bespoke solar system is installed using quality brands. We have the ability to bring financial assistance to solar installations on your commercial building

Water Pumping
Solar water pumping systems are pollution free and require no fuel. At Avec Solaire, we are able to design and install solar pumping equipment and systems that suit your needs. Furthermore, once the water pumping system is installed, we provide clients with basic knowledge regarding how to operate and maintain the pumping equipment.

Heating and Cooling Systems
Having total control over the temperature of your home or business is a perk that every individual deserves. Heating and cooling systems are manufactured for that purpose; you get to tailor the internal climate of your premises to suit your requirements. Here at Avec Solaire, we design and install heating and cooling systems according to the size of your household or establishment.

Off – Grid Systems
Off the grid systems are predominantly alternative energy systems that are not connected to the main or national electrical grid. These systems are ideal for remote areas such as medical centres, schools and small communities. Ave Solaire offers these off-grid systems at an affordable price, giving you peace of mind; you can rest assured knowing that we provide quality solar energy solutions.

Hybrid Systems
Included in our list of solar solutions is the hybrid system; this photovoltaic mini-grid solution is designed by our engineers who have great insight into the solar energy industry. These systems integrate diesel generators and management software which optimise the cost effectiveness of a balanced PV solution.

For more information on solar energy solutions contact Avec Solaire today.